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A Novel Approach to Therapeutic Development for Immuno-Metabolic Disorders


We are driving drug development for a new mechanism of action powered by our novel small molecule platform.  We are committed to enable better treatment options for patients. 

About us

GPCR Centric

We are a GPCR centric advancing a broad pipeline of biologic drug candidates. Our large library of Novel potent and selective GPCR agonists was discovered and optimized a team that has discovered many important drugs.


Improving lives targeting GPCRs

Pramana’s Lead Compound, PRM A activates a differentiated immune response which could enable breakthrough treatments for multiple indications associated with metabolic dysregulation. 

The Market

Untapped Opportunity

The Team

Driving Success

We founded Pramana with the vision to enable a scientific team that has a strong track record of success.  

Our team has discovered and enabled many important drugs to market to help millions of patients lead a better quality of life in cardio metabolic disease and oncology. 


Diabetes, Obesity & Cardio Metabolic Disorders

Overseen by a world class scientific team, Pramana has utilized their expertise in the development of its highly potent, selective small molecules.


Dollars in Global Healthcare Expenditures of Diabetes by 2030


People currently live with diabetes


People will suffer from diabetes by 2050

The unmet opportunity - Pramana's commitment

The opportunity for an Oral Preventative Treatment for Hypoglycemia is just one of many areas of high unmet medical need associated with Metabolic Disorders. We are committed to addressing this.




People living with Diabetes may be misdiagnosed and affected by Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults right now

The opportunity to treat Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in adults is an area of high unmet medical need associated with Immunometabolic disorders. We are committed to addressing this.

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