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We imagine a safe and accessible oral treatment

The Market

The unmet opportunities 
Pramana's commitment


People will suffer from diabetes by 2050


Dollars in Global Healthcare Expenditures of Diabetes by 2050


Adults are affected by Latent Autoimmune Diabetes 

Unmet Needs

The highest unmet need in the Diabetes space is the inability to maintain good long term glycemic control. By 2050 it is estimated that over 1 Billion people will be suffering from Diabetes.  We need to address this epidemic with novel oral treatments that could provide meaningful benefit to patients.

Driven by Opportunity

Global Healthcare Expenditures of Diabetes is expected to reach $1Trillion by 2050. Our Team is focused on providing therapies that are best for the patient. We are working on oral treatments that could prevent, delay or cure patients suffering from Diabetes and associated immunometabolic disorders.

The opportunity for an oral treatment  for Latent Autoimmune Disease in Adults that also addresses Hypoglycemia is just one of many areas of high unmet medical need associated with Immuno-metabolic disorders. We are committed to addressing this.

The Market


Of people with Diabetes are currently undiagnosed


Person dies of Diabetes every 5 minutes


People currently live with diabetes 

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